Civic envy

Milwaukee has eclipsed Madison in two big ways

It’s probably the best putdown in the history of film.

In Casablanca, the slimy character Ugarte, played by Peter Lorre, asks, “You despise me don’t you, Rick?”

Humphrey Bogart, as the cynical nightclub owner, answers, “If I gave you any thought I probably would.”

That exchange always seemed to me to sum up the relationship between Wisconsin’s two largest cities. Madison and Milwaukee might despise each other, if they bothered to think about the other place at all.

Milwaukee looks south to Chicago. Madison compares itself favorably to places like Boulder, Colorado...


Ken Notes: Must Read! Paul Jadin, the guest on my radio show, Development Matters, this week will defend the Madison community. But I have to agree we missed the boat on user friendly transit and are late to the party with a Public Market. I will ask Dave to come on soon to defend his position. Also I love his observation on what the MKE guy would do with the crackers!

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