States Turn to Programs, Legislation to Boost Conservation Funding
Wisconsin`s wetlands are in trouble. Soil experts have estimated that the state once held about 10 million acres of the habitat, which supports 75% of local wildlife, but human development has reduced that area by roughly half. Last year, Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed a construction-friendly bill that removed state protections on some 1 million acres, and in September, the Trump administration rolled back Clean Water Act protections, a move the state`s Secretary of Natural Resources said could threaten rare plant life, important fish species and drinking water quality...

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Ken Notes: I strongly support the efforts to place our wetlands and forests in public trusts or private land conservancies. What if we took the current wetland offset program and exponentially increase the ratio. Also I would encourage individual and corporate landowners to consider donations to one of these entities. I can not think of a better memorial than leaving nature to generations to come. Wisconsin did make the top ten list of States With the Best Natural Environment at number ten. Lets see if we can move up the list.

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