Milwaukee`s Homeless Encampment Is Ending To Make Room For Development

Residents Were Served An Eviction Notice In October, But Some Are Hesitant To Leave

Under one of Milwaukee`s major interstates and near high-traffic exit ramps, dozens of the city`s homeless residents have created dwellings out of tents and tarps, held down with rocks and other objects.

The encampment, know as "Tent City," is coming to an end. State transportation officials have asked residents to leave. But recently, more than 20 tents were still there covered in snow.

Tent City has been a part of Milwaukee for at least two years. There have been up to 80 people of different ages and races living there at times, and nonprofit organizations and others provide services like meals, showers, toiletries, bus passes and even money.

Michael Pyritz, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation southeast region communications manager, said there`s one big problem with that....


Ken Notes: Imagine these same people building a micro village to wonderful architectural standards, well insulated, densely populated, with running water and sewer. Spend no more than 10K per unit which is enough (I can send you a materials list). Let them develop community rules and require that they maintain the site, inspected regularly. The units would be built using the Habitat model, so sweat equity, ownership, and experts working alongside to ensure quality structures. The economic outlay would most likely cost LESS that the tent communities cost now.

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