Largest veteran housing development of its kind coming to Madison
A new housing complex for veterans will soon be entering the demolition and construction phases, helping alleviate concerns for those who`ve served and struggled to find housing when they get out of the service.

"The Valor on Washington" is set to be the largest housing and service development for veterans and their families in the nation. The complex is headed to the county-owned Messner property on East Washington Avenue across the street from the ShopBop and Metro Transit offices.

The project will be a mix of affordable and market-rate units for families with a preference given to veterans in all 59 units....



Ken Notes: See we are already getting started!!!! We should add some ultra low cost micro units to these developments and ask all the residents to work together to maintain and improve the facilities. Also we should stop labeling the people in these complexes. Many if not most of our service workers, students, and retail staff are in this category.

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