Madison Housing Crunch Makes Living Hard for Homeless

Madison strains to create low-income housing and sees racial disparities in homelessness.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Homeless, Lonisha Jordan and her sons, 10 and 12, sleep in their car, motels or other places, each day living a low-income housing crisis that shuts out many in Madison and Dane County.

So does Paul Buggs, who spends nights at a men`s shelter in a church basement, and Tina Helt and her teenage son, who sleep in the entrances of buildings on streets hugging Capitol Square.

For all the local effort to provide shelter for those with little means — and there`s lot of it — many feel the harsh realities of Madison`s low-income housing shortage, low vacancy rates and state tenant-landlord laws that usurp local control and create barriers for those with spotty credit or rental histories, evictions or convictions....


Many aren`t served by federal efforts

The Oct. 13 article “Federal homeless funds bring local mandates, focus” indicates Wisconsin’s approach to homelessness has become more “efficient” as a result of federal “prodding.”...


Ken Notes: I believe we can fix this! We need to rethink how we house and work with the homeless. There are models out there that work, I propose that the Mayor hold a summit with all the players including developers, social workers, and city planning. The City Planing Director seemed more than willing to talk about this. If it is on a Saturday I will do my show live from the site and record some of the ideas...

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