Foxconn Innovation Centers On Hold Across The State

Not long after Foxconn Technology Group announced plans to build a massive manufacturing facility in southeast Wisconsin, the tech giant began making promises to share its model for economic development across the entire state. But 18 months after purchasing its first building in downtown Milwaukee, there is little evidence that what Foxconn calls its innovation centers are moving forward.

In addition to Milwaukee, innovation centers have been announced in Green Bay, Eau Claire, Racine and Madison. Development directors in those cities say Foxconn now appears to be focused on its main manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant.

Foxconn officials didn`t respond to requests for comment Monday or Tuesday. Wisconsin Department of Economic Development spokesman David Callender referred all questions to Foxconn.

With the exception of Milwaukee, Foxconn has said each of these innovation centers could employ between 100 to 200 people working in high-skilled jobs. In Milwaukee, the company was touting more than 500 jobs...


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