Plan To Move Slaughterhouse Into Milwaukee`s Central City Draws Community Criticism

Strauss Brands Would Create Up To 500 Jobs In Century City Business Park

Last month, the city of Milwaukee celebrated its ability to lure a large production facility from a nearby suburb to continue its efforts to revitalize a long-struggling central city business park.  

But on Tuesday, Milwaukee Common Council members began to reconsider moving a slaughterhouse into the city.  

During a tense 10-minute discussion, decades-long hurt that runs through many Milwaukee residents’ regarding racism and segregation again surfaced. 

Strauss Brands could bring up to 500 jobs into the Century City Business Park on Milwaukee’s northwest side once at full capacity. The company will also slaughter 500 cows every day starting in 2021...


Ken Notes: I have seen this in other communities and it is always difficult. Great jobs and product but the process not so much. If you like laws and sausage don`t watch them being made!

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