Real Estate Spotlight: Report: Wisconsin faces severe workforce housing shortage

A shortage in workforce housing exists throughout Wisconsin, including in the southeastern part of the state.

This is according to new research conducted by a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor and backed by the Wisconsin Realtors Association. To remedy the issue, WRA officials call for more housing to be built, a reinvestment in older housing stock and regulatory changes at the state and local levels.

The report outlines the main causes of the shortage and the effects seen throughout the state. According to the report, the state isn’t seeing enough homes being built, construction costs are rising faster than inflation and incomes and land-use regulations, such as minimum lot sizes and excessive parking requirements, are further driving up the cost of housing.


Ken Notes: I did predict this years ago. If we do not address this in Madison it may be impossible for a service worker or retail employee to find a place to live in or near Madison...

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