Madison Green Cab goes electric; to be nation`s first all-Tesla cab fleet

When Green Cab of Madison launched in 2010, it was the city’s first all-hybrid taxi fleet. Now it is poised to become one of the nation’s first all-electric.

In partnership with local startup Zerology, Green Cab plans to roll out 20 battery-powered Teslas next week, with plans to convert the rest of its fleet by early 2020.

Green Cab co-founder Jodie Schmidt said she’s proud to be the first ride-share company in the nation with an all-Tesla fleet.

“This is a historic moment,” said Shree Kalluri, who launched Zerology in April with the goal of making Madison cleaner and more livable through shared-use electric vehicles.

Kalluri said the initial $5 million investment — in vehicles, charging infrastructure and staff — is a first step toward alleviating congestion and carbon emissions by providing alternatives to individual vehicle ownership. He’s hoping to add Rivian electric trucks and SUVs to his fleet as well as 19-passenger shuttles that he hopes can be integrated into the city’s Metro Transit system.

Kalluri wants to cut a quarter of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions over the next five years and make Madison “the most sustainable city in the world.”...


Ken Notes: I can not wait to get a ride in one of these! Shree Kalluri, who created Zerology will be my guest on Development Matters this Saturday at 10 am on 92.7 FM.

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