Foxconn’s Wisconsin plans now focus on technology instead of TVs

Foxconn Industrial Internet operates more than 44,000 CNC machines across its global operations. At one point, the company’s standard procedure was to replace the cutting blade in its machines every day.

“We didn’t know when the blade was going to go bad and we couldn’t risk that a CNC machine would go out during the middle of production,” said Richard Vincent, chief business officer of Fii. “A blade is $18. If the machine goes down it would cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in lack of output.”

But changing out thousands of blades every day isn’t exactly an efficient use of time and resources, so Fii set about studying around 10,000 of its machines using deep learning and artificial intelligence...


Ken Notes: I have mentioned they were looking, seems now they are finding their groove. I am still a fan of Foxconn, not a 200K per job fan but a fan none the less....

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