UW President Defends Lifting Cap On Out-Of-State Enrollments At UW-Madison

Ray Cross Says While Out-Of-State Enrollments Have Increased At State`s Flagship Campus, In-State Enrollments Have As Well

University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross is defending a 2015 policy that lifted a cap on out-of-state students attending UW-Madison, calling it a "double win" for the state.

Cross said that while out-of-state enrollments have increased at Wisconsin`s flagship campus, the number of in-state students has increased as well.

Appearing on WPR`s "The Morning Show" on Tuesday, Cross responded to a Wisconsin State Journal report that the percentage of in-state enrollments this year were nearly identical to the percentage of out-of-state students. Cross said it`s true that more out-of-state students are enrolling at UW-Madison, but there`s been an increase in the number of students coming from Wisconsin....


Ken Notes: We could also bring students from other states with this credit. It beats adds on Chicago subways...

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