Community workshop The Bodgery offers array of tools, studio space in Oscar Mayer location

Although occupying just a slice of the former Oscar Mayer plant, members at The Bodgery community workshop have room to breathe, grow and further develop their crafts and trades in the factory’s old garage and machine shop.

With 14,000 square feet, The Bodgery just about quadrupled its size by moving into 740 Oscar Ave. this summer. The makerspace, which includes woodworking, metalworking, jewelry-making and sewing tools, celebrated its grand opening Saturday.

At The Bodgery, the $50-per-month membership fee grants access to machines and tools members may not be able to afford on their own or even store in their own homes. These range from sewing machines to table saws to 3-D printers to laser cutters, many of which have been loaned or donated by current and past members, board President John Eich said...


Ken Notes: Way cool...

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