New Hamel Music Center is an architectural and acoustical marvel

Pass the new Hamel Music Center after dark and the first thing you notice are the lobby lights. The individual LED lamps sparkle amid a tangle of copper tubing, their light piercing the building’s gloom like tiny beacons.

The massive custom fixture, a gift from the Class of 1965 and built by Manning Lighting in Sheboygan, is the first of many breathtaking architectural details of the building, which houses new rehearsal and performance spaces for UW-Madison Mead Witter School of Music students and faculty.

The 66,000-square-foot building squats at the corner of Lake Street and University Avenue in a space once occupied by a parking lot and some undistinguished structures. Once inside, it’s easy to see we’ve entered the future of the performing arts.


Ken Notes: This is cool! I see a SXSW in our future we have sooo many great new venues... Thanks Isthmus for this great article!!!

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