Special session most likely avenue for `red flag` bill

Gov. Tony Evers said he isn’t holding his breath that the Republican-controlled Legislature will willingly take up discussion on gun control measures he supports, making it likely he will call a special session of the Legislature to address the issue.

During a Tuesday WisPolitics.com luncheon at the Madison Club, Evers also said he sees potential in a recently announced bipartisan medical marijuana bill, has big expectations for newly appointed Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Secretary Melissa Hughes and questioned Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s idea of a new tax cut...


Ken Notes: I personally support both of these (red flag and medical marijuana) but know both are hot button issues for the the far right base and will be used to raise money.

Also there is a win win for WEDC`s Melissa Hughes if she ties Scott Fitzgerald’s idea of a new tax cut to her need for new jobs. Offer tax incentives (cuts?) to all companies based on new hires. The keyword here is all, no partisan politics or selective support. Also if jobs go away so do the incentives. The bipartisan program could also mandate wages and benefits for eligibility. We need real leadership here.

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