Wisconsin airports to receive $50.5 million in infrastructure grants
The Federal Aviation Administration will award $50.5 million in airport infrastructure grants to the state of Wisconsin, according to a press release from the FAA.

“This significant investment in airport improvements in Wisconsin will fund construction and rehabilitation projects that will help maintain high levels of safety in U.S. aviation,” Chao said.

“The concourse project is really exciting because its kind of that final piece to the terminal renovations this runway project is the exact opposite its the first piece to a much larger effort to make some improvements to the air field here at the central Wisconsin airport,” said Mark Cihlar, assistant airport director – planning and development for the Central Wisconsin Airport....


Ken Notes: The list of airports is at the link. I will suggest airports are often at the top of the list when it comes to discretionary funding around election time. It is a wealthy mans game and seldom on anyone`s radar screen. When we have the largest deficit in history it is interesting the we have billions for this... I am just saying, "follow the money."

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