Organic Valley exec Melissa Hughes tapped to lead the state`s jobs agency
A top executive at the billion-dollar dairy cooperative Organic Valley will lead the state`s jobs agency, Gov. Tony Evers announced Thursday.

Melissa Hughes, who has worked as general counsel at the Vernon County organization for 15 years, said in her application to Evers that she helped grow the number of participating family farms from 500 to 2,000 and from $150 million in annual sales to more than $1 billion.  

"With her background helping small businesses and family farms, coupled with her experience navigating complex governmental, regulatory, trade, and business matters, Missy Hughes will be an incredible asset to our team as we work to grow an economy that works for everyone,” Evers said in a statement...

Several Articles Here are a few:

Gov. Evers: Announces appointment of Missy Hughes to serve as CEO of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Organic Valley`s Melissa Hughes appointed to head WEDC

Gov. Evers Announces Appointment of Missy Hughes to Serve as CEO of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation


Ken Notes: WELCOME! This is very interesting. Supports family farms check... Southwest Wisconsin Check... Home grown growth check... Environmental interests check... Energy check... Regional / Local commitment check... She is a lawyer -- we will see...

Some immediate questions?

  • Can we get a current accounting breakdown on Foxconn?

  • Will WEDC track payback on investments and grants?

  • Will WEDC share this info?

  • Will the Millennial add campaign continue?

  • Will WEDC work with schools and business to strengthen our workforce?

  • How political will WEDC be moving forward?

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