Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway prioritizes Metro Transit, housing in first capital budget
After vowing to “take a look at everything,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway on Tuesday proposed $170.6 million in new spending in a capital budget for 2020 that moves up the timeline for Bus Rapid Transit, increases spending for low-cost housing and changes the timing for some big projects.

Rhodes-Conway, who took office in April, used a new approach in crafting the budget that ultimately accelerates the implementation of Bus Rapid Transit and more quickly improves and expands Metro Transit facilities than envisioned under former Mayor Paul Soglin, with a goal of reaching 18 million annual riders, far above the record 15.2 million set in 2015...

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Ken Notes: I want to see more details in a BRT rough draft before committing big money. I do love that many of my ideas from a decade ago were included it the rough draft. Now you need dedicated lanes, housing development sites at the ends, station facilities, and local transit to complete the trip. What does all this look like and it will not cost millions to develop the "final" vision... Cart horse???

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