Property Disputes And Foxconn Development In Mount Pleasant
Foxconn development is humming along in southeastern Wisconsin. The Village of Mount Pleasant has used eminent domain to acquire land for the industrial project. WPR’s reporter has been following the story and hearing from homeowners about their experiences and concerns...

Ken Notes: I would not exactly say humming along, and I remain concerned that the cost of eminent domain and infrastructure was "up front" and will require substantial property value increases to get paid back. This project still has great potential but we need a scorecard to know what we have spent and what we have in the dirt, not to mention the potential job count. Also watch for WEDC to claim no harm no foul at the State level while local governments have made much of the investment and have much to lose. There is a reason the "agreements" were mot allowed to be reviewed at the time and today there is no real investigative reporting able to track the real costs. Finally we are allowing national media like the Verge nad NYT to come in and tell their version of the story for their own political motives.

Here are my questions for the record:

  • What has been spent or committed to so far on property acquisition including eminent domain, roads, sewer, and other infrastructure?

  • Who has paid these costs to date?

  • What is the revised future value of the project(s)?

  • Is this amount guaranteed through a revised development agreement?

  • Is the State or WEDC making or "guaranteeing" any of the up front costs?

  • How are they getting paid back?

  • While we know that Foxconn has not hit it`s hiring numbers are we still offering partial income tax credits now or in the future?

  • Where do I find project updates and who is responsible for the over all accounting and project tracking?

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