Another setback for Judge Doyle Square, as city calls for new developer for portion of project

A city committee recommended Monday that Madison terminate negotiations with the developer it had picked for part of the Judge Doyle Square project Downtown and instead go with the developer staff originally recommended.

The Finance Committee voted to end negotiations with Gebhardt Development, which was chosen over two other suitors to develop the mixed-use building that will go above the parking garage nearing completion on the Madison Municipal block.

Gebhardt was picked in June in large part because its plan for the building offered the largest number of low-cost housing units in the apartment complex that would go above the garage.


Ken Notes: I am saddened by this. Gebhardt has done great projects and would have been a great developer on Judge Doyle Square. Stone house is a section 47 developer who understands low income housing credits far better than most and can clearly get this built. BUT this is the face of Madison and we need to decide what we want Madison to look like moving forward. Do we work together to solve problems or do we further one agenda over another. In this case we picked an agenda and will lose money doing so. Finally I encourage all the powers that be to tour existing projects from the developers they want to work with...

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