WEDC Secretary Announces Resignation

Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. secretary and CEO Mark Hogan will step down from his position on September 3. Hogan joins us to talk about his time with WEDC and his goals for the future of business in Wisconsin. 


Ken Notes: First Thank You Mr. Hogan as the captain of a ship headed in the wrong direction you pointed it back toward center. While your ship was being bombed you kept it moving forward. When it took on water you pumped better than most. WEDC was and unfortunately still is a political vessel. Thus WEDC made some political decisions like, Foxconn and you inherited others like Kestrel.

I will say one thing using these examples, Kestrel got a lot of money up front and we will never see it again while Foxconn has much of there support tied to future job creation and building value. In this case while we offered far too much we at least do not have to pay it all out until they deliver, so again Thank You.

Moving forward I still suggest we create a bipartisan organization that recognizes all business growth in the State by offering smaller affordable tax credits to ALL growing companies, I suggest we allow communities to invest in job creating companies by restructuring TIF laws to offer property tax credits to expanding companies where development agreements are in place.

Under Hogan`s leadership WEDC has worked hard to make far more communities recipients of funds but who and what you know still helps. To continue this and level the playing field going forward, I suggest we educate every community on how to work with WEDC, the State, and the hundreds of other opportunities they have to help grow business in Wisconsin.

- - Volume: 7 - WEEK: 35 Date: 8/29/2019 5:43:34 AM -