OPINION: Madison finds a way to screw up affordable housing Downtown

On this week`s "Center Stage" political podcast -- click the orange play button above to listen -- Milfred and Hands lament Madison`s utopian disdain for lower-cost apartments being proposed for the lower part of a Downtown tower a block off the Capitol Square. The Madison City Council is confusing affordable housing with high-rise penthouses....


Ken Notes: I continue to advocate for affordable vs. "Affordable" housing. Smaller units, co-housing, micro home communities, more ownership, transit to more affordable communities, mother in law units, and much more. The new mayor should get this she worked on the issue for years, what we need is real leadership and direction. And by the way Gephardt bringing affordable in any form to Doyle Square is amazing!

- - Volume: 7 - WEEK: 34 Date: 8/22/2019 6:41:19 AM -