Tom Still: Wisconsin tech growth is tangible

Some people in Wisconsin assume the rest of the country knows all it needs to know about us.

That’s a faulty assumption, especially in an era when competing for talent knows no borders.

Cheese, beer, Northwoods lakes and big-time sports are iconic brands that represent one face of Wisconsin, but those familiar identities aren’t always reflective of the state’s economic future.

Wisconsin is also a state with a growing tech-based economy, something people outside its borders enthusiastically grasp once they see and touch it...


Ken Notes: Tom has clearly outlined both the opportunity and the problems in this sector. Now we need a plan that is not political, and does more that throw money at it. I think he also identifies some great tools we have at our disposal, specifically Epic, Promega, Exact Sciences the UW System and our best kept secret WARF.

Asking growing companies and our educational facilities to help us grow our existing companies and attract new ones is something we need to facilitate. Also while we can not mandate WARF patents remain in the state we can leverage them to attract businesses. Finally it would be great to have incentives and tax breaks in place we could offer any companies without political intervention. I would also like to see a tax program to encourage Wisconsin students to remain in the state. We are quick to proffer "tax cuts" why not change this to tax programs to encourage the growth we want in the State.

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