How Delaware is legislating workforce development
When you hear “economic development,” you might first think “job creation.”

There’s another component that gets overlooked, though it shouldn’t: workforce development.

Why? Because before you can attract — or even keep — traditional industries or develop new sectors, there needs to be a pool of labor that can meet the demands....

...“We see a lot of job training but not a whole lot of job placement, which doesn’t do anybody any good,” said Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes.

One solution is to develop employment and training programs and services directly tailored to an industry’s workforce needs. Barnes cited the University of Wisconsin’s proposed Freshwater Collaborative which would allow students to pursue water-related studies at the school’s 13 campuses. It would also bring local, regional and global talent to the state to help meet demand for a skilled water workforce...


Ken Notes: Good read and something I have seen as well. We are program rather that outcome centered in Wisconsin. We should be more able to work with expanding businesses to help develop skill that will lead to hires. Also (this is not sour grapes just and observation) In the 80`s and 90`s I trained 5,000 senior executives and admin professionals on emerging technologies in the Fox Valley for FVTC -- today I can not teach a local communication class because I do not have a masters degree????

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