MKE Hop expansion proposal delayed again as concerns about effects on residents, displacement highlighted

The proposal to extend the Milwaukee streetcar was put off again Tuesday as the focus turned to whether enough had been done so far to mitigate potential effects on residents, including displacement.

In early May, Mayor Tom Barrett announced his plan to direct $46.8 million in tax incremental financing to the construction of an extension to West Wisconsin Avenue ahead of next summer`s Democratic National Convention and to preliminary engineering work for extensions linking Bronzeville to the north of downtown and Walker`s Point to the south.

Residents who live north of downtown told the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee on Tuesday that they worried about being priced out of their neighborhoods following a significant jump in assessed values this year...


Ken Notes: You need to work with the residents when Eminent domain is in play also even positive development can be a problem for residents if values increase exponentially. If the properties are not needed offer to defer taxes until title is transferred and if the property is needed make fair and very transparent offers so the ("My parents got married in that house. My mother died in that house, and I want to know where am I going?") people know what their options are and so do the others around them. I often dealt with these issues as a Mayor and I found a little understanding and communication goes a long way...

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