Wisconsin panel OKs preserving 14,000 acres of forest land
More than 14,000 acres of forest land in northern Wisconsin would be preserved for public access and protected from development under a $4.3 million purchase approved Tuesday by the Legislature’s budget committee.

But the committee lowered the amount of money available for the purchase by $500,000 from what the Natural Resources Board approved, a move that one of the chief proponents of the deal said could jeopardize the sale....

Ken Notes: We should look at a public private partnership to develop campgrounds, cabins, and tourism businesses on the site or in the region. It is one thing to have the land it is another to use it to create jobs in Wisconsin. Of course we can let the deal fall through and wait for a mine or logging operation to pick it up and at $307 / acre I promise they will, hell I`ll take as much as you "can`t afford" at that price.

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