WI Startup Funding Hit Record in 2018 as VCs Cut Bigger Checks

A record $300 million was invested in Wisconsin ventures last year, as maturing businesses pulled in larger funding rounds. But a continued decrease in the number of firms raising their first outside capital could signal trouble for the state’s pipeline of budding startups.

Those are some of the key takeaways from the latest Wisconsin Portfolio, an annual report produced by the Wisconsin Technology Council in partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. The publication, which was released this month, tends to provide a more comprehensive analysis of yearly Badger State venture capital activity than some national reports, although it’s not infallible. The data come primarily from news articles and other published reports, SEC filings, and company surveys. But since most of the companies involved in venture deals are privately held, they aren’t required to disclose information.




Ken Notes: This is great news. Now we need to restructure how the State supports new businesses. I offered a new plan 7 years and more recently had this advice for the Governor.

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