Treasurer Godlewski and BCPL loan over $14 million to Wisconsin communities
Today, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) chaired by Treasurer Sarah Godlewski approved over $14 million in financing to Wisconsin communities across nine counties.  

From the northernmost corners of the state, such as the town of Superior- which will be building a new fire hall with $1.8 million- to the coast of Lake Michigan in the city of Port Washington- which is financing a business development loan with $150,000- the BCPL is providing the funds necessary to support a variety of initiatives.  

The largest of the eleven loans approved today is to finance referendum projects for the Verona Area School District that is worth over $6 million. Additionally, the town of Lawrence in Brown County will be financing an infrastructure project for almost $4 million.   ...more

Ken Notes: I hope every community knows about BCPL and the funds available.

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