A housing development with seven living options and a park could come to Sussex

The village of Sussex`s newest proposed housing development — south of Silver Spring, behind Kohl`s — is designed to appeal to a variety of lifestyles, whether homeowners want condos, a larger yard or even no yard.

Project Manager Bryan Lindgren of Neumann Developments Inc. said the development would have 291 units on 176 acres and would include seven kinds of housing: senior and multifamily housing; single family side-by-side units; townhomes with two-car garages; condominiums to target people who are downsizing; villas on 9,000-square-foot lots, medium-sized homes on 12,000-square-foot lots, and estates on 15,000-square-foot lots.

“These will have different price points and fit different lifestyles,” Lindgren said. There would be no rentals, he added...


Ken Notes: Finally some smart planning, millennials have different lifestyles that retiring boomers, and those in between are looking for options. Every neighborhood should become a village.

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