Wisconsin hires outside expert to advise it on Foxconn and the flat-panel display industry

The administration of Gov. Tony Evers has hired a consultant to advise it on the flat-panel display industry — the sector in which Foxconn Technology Group’s Wisconsin factory will operate.

The state Department of Administration has contracted with Display Supply Chain Consultants LLC, Bob O’Brien, the firm’s president and co-founder, said Wednesday.

The firm is formally based in Austin, Texas, but O’Brien, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been the person working with Wisconsin.


Ken Notes: WHY??? Foxconn is looking for new technologies and ways to use it`s product like medical imaging, manufacturing and process control, and more, These technologies would integrate the display into systems where the actual cost of the display is only a small part of the whole. Think smart phones which only cost a small fraction to make of what they actually sell for. You do not need a consultant, you need to talk to Foxconn or read WDN it is not that difficult.

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