Wisconsin Assembly Passes State Budget

In An Effort To Secure Republican Votes, GOP Leaders Add Provisions To Allow Tesla Sales, Tweak Study That Could Lead To Tolls

Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly passed their version of Wisconsin`s state budget Tuesday night, tacking on a provision to let Tesla sell its cars directly to consumers in an effort to lock down GOP votes.

The version of the budget that passed the Assembly on a 60-39 vote would also tweak a study of mileage-based tolling in Wisconsin, a move that could open the door to toll roads in Wisconsin.

Those moves and others are aimed at getting key GOP lawmakers in the Senate onboard with the two-year spending plan. Two GOP state senators said last week they wouldn`t vote for the budget, leaving Republicans with no wiggle room if they want to pass the budget without help from Democrats...

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Ken Notes: I still see line item vetoes in the future, but the new Governor has not been as aggressive as I thought he would be. He may have to remove entire sections and have separate funding bills drafted on these areas. I wonder if there is any room for working together on development issues like funding a restructured WEDC that better tracks investments and involves local professionals more.

I do like the road funding which is needed, and to be honest I am not adverse to funding things that save businesses and individuals in the long run. As a fiscal conservative I feel others who call themselves conservatives have lost sight of this. As an example, I have advocated for some time about stepping into the health care issues by offering a state health plan for all public employees in the state. I negotiated thousands of contracts where health care was the one item keeping our school boards and communities from even discussing far more important issues.

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