Wisconsin Assembly passes 5G technology regulation bill
The Wisconsin Assembly has passed a bill that would limit the regulation of 5G, or “small cell,” technology.

The bill approved Tuesday now heads to Gov. Tony Evers for his consideration. The Senate passed the bill 25-5 earlier this month.

The proposal would set up a statewide regulatory framework for 5G networks, which promise to deliver the sorts of wireless speeds that are needed by new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and the “Internet of things.” Rather than large cell towers, 5G networks often rely on so-called small-cell nodes, which are connected by fiber optic cables and placed on traffic lights and other public property.


Ken Notes: We are missing the boat! We need to sit down with all providers and systems developers and create a trade off between urban deregulation and rural Wisconsin access. We have one chance to develop the grid we need to bring all of Wisconsin into bandwidth nirvana and we are blowing it. I sat on the committee that did this in the past (20+ years ago) to bring internet access to our schools, now we need to use 5G to bring it to our rural communities and homes....

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