Habitat for Humanity Proposes 62-Acre Wisconsin Development

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County is proposing its largest project yet, a 62-acre development that would be built in phases in Sun Prairie.

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County is hoping to embark on its largest project yet — a 62-acre development in fast-growing Sun Prairie that will include some 48 Habitat homes spread among four phases along with homes sold by traditional, for-profit home builders.

But as with any other developer, the opportunities for such large single-family-home projects could grow scarce as land prices rise with the Madison-area population and elected officials put more emphasis on denser, multifamily housing that is better for the environment and more amenable to mass transit.

While the 31-year-old Christian-rooted nonprofit has built more homes as part of a single project before, never has it taken on as much land as it has in the proposed Sun Prairie project...


Ken Notes: I would love to see a project of this magnitude in the Madison area. If we could develop areas with true mixed socioeconomic development we could create a Madison that companies and individuals would flock to. Imagine a neighborhood where the restaurant service worker and CEO share the same parks, schools, and amenities.

To my development/builder readers please consider pledging your support to this project. We can build a better world one neighborhood at a time. You may want to consider using smartcode as a zoning base, this wold make planning much easier.

Let me know how I can help!!!

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