Current Economic Trends Signal Alarm

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was 2.8 percent in April, a record low for the state. Before anyone starts handing out cigars and chirping “Happy Days Are Here Again,” there is a canary in the coal mine gasping for air, and these numbers are actually indicative of a problem that must be solved.

Wisconsin’s low state unemployment rate was in no small part the result of having nearly 15,000 fewer people in the labor force than at the same time last year.

The number of people classified as unemployed in Wisconsin did reach a seasonally adjusted record low of 88,100 in April, down 1,500 from March and 6,800 from April 2018. The reading is the lowest figure in data that go back to the end of Gerald Ford’s presidency in 1976. The Department of Workforce Development released the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) last Thursday....


Ken Notes: This is true across the State and Jim does a nice job of identifying the issues...

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