New rocket testing site unveiled in Southern Wisconsin

SNC invested $20 million to transform the former World War II Badger Army Ammunition Plant in North Freedom into a brand new rocket engine testing site.

"[We`re] bringing rocket science to Wisconsin on a daily basis and making it a business in Wisconsin," said Tom Crabb, vice president of SNC`s Propulsion and Environmental Systems Unit.

In 2014, SNC bought Madison-based aerospace company Orbitec and started upgrading the facilities.

"It was all asbetos, we had to do the whole cleanup, so it improved the environment, improved the land, improved everything," said Peter Zambrelli, SNC`s senior business development manager....


Ken Notes: This will be good for the region as both government and private entrepreneurs come to the area to see their engines in action. When Elon Musk comes to town I hope we can talk to him about batteries, robotics, manufacturing and more...

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