Wis. DOT needs revenue, where it comes from is up for debate
Wednesday, republicans in Wisconsin`s legislature introduced a package of bills in response to the Department of Transportation`s budget request for the 2019-2020 biennium. The "Road to Sustainability Package," authors say, will improve the department`s efficiency and provide needed funding without raising taxes.

"We think that can be part of the solution for a good long term fix, to make sure we have good roads here in Wisconsin," co-author Sen. Tom Tiffany said about the package of 15 bills.

The package includes moving transportation related revenue from the general fund to the transportation fund, creating monetary incentives for DOT employees to innovate, require more flexibility in bidding, and more oversight from the audit bureau and legislature so funding is being spent equitably.

None of the proposals raise taxes...


Ken Notes: The problem is that we do not debate, discuss, or even consider working together on these issues we just play partisan politics and accomplish nothing.

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