Dave Cieslewicz OPINION: End the WEDC

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is an absolute disaster. If it were a ship it would be the Titanic. If it were a college football team it would be the Wisconsin Badgers under Don Morton. If it were music it would be Barry Manilow.

Okay, that’s unfair to Barry Manilow. I apologize to all his fans out there.

The brainchild of former Gov. Scott Walker, who created it in 2011 to replace the old Commerce Department, the WEDC is supposed to be some sort of private-public partnership and therefore somehow lighter on its feet than a regular state agency. In practice, the WEDC is making a pretty strong case for regular state agencies.

The latest report from the respected Legislative Audit Bureau shows an organization that is being incompetently managed, if you can say it is being managed at all...


Ken Notes: Barry Manilow???

Dave proves his premise is wrong in his own analogy. I.e. "If it (WEDC) were a college football team it would be the Wisconsin Badgers under Don Morton". We didn`t suggest the UW abandon football we got a new coach, new administrative leadership, better player and went on to kick some Ohio ass!!! That is what we need to do with WEDC!

Dave is a very smart guy, but ending WEDC is not the answer -- recreating WEDC is, in fact I wrote about this awhile back -- Don`t kill WEDC — make it better So tweet or re-post this with the heading Dave Cieslewicz suggested UW eliminate it`s football program...

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