Milwaukee Committee Tables Streetcar Extension Decision

City Officials Say Delay Threatens Tracks Being Finished For DNC Convention

A Milwaukee committee decided to table their vote Tuesday on expanding the city’s streetcar route to the Wisconsin Center convention hall — a move that could jeopardize the project being completed in time for the Democratic National Convention next summer...

...After an hours-long discussion Tuesday, the city’s zoning committee said they are looking for a better proposal that includes more central city neighborhood programs to prevent gentrification and money from the business community, including the Milwaukee Bucks...


Ken Notes: I get very nervous when economic development approval is used to drive a social agenda. Both have a place at the table but we can stifle growth and opportunity if we use one against the other in the bargaining process. I have fought this battle with well meaning historical societies for decades. In this case I would extend the tracks, then ask for neighborhood improvements from the resulting development revenues around them.

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