$189 million ND Paper project receives WEDC support
The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation announced an agreement Wednesday to provide ND Paper with $1.7 million in tax credits over three years to support the company’s expansion at its Biron division.

The project is expected to create 27 new jobs.

“ND Paper’s choice to invest here in Wisconsin shows the company’s continued commitment to our state and their workforce,” said Mark R. Hogan, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization. “These initiatives will require a significant capital investment on the part of the company and WEDC is proud to provide support to make this a viable project for ND Paper.”...


Ken Notes: 62K per new job. Is it me or is this a very moving target. I was also surprised by the failure to mention that ND is a subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper Limited a Chinese / Asian company that is buying pulp operations in the US because of new rules restricting their ability to buy waste paper from our recycling facilities in the US.

Do not get me wrong I am happy they are investing in the US and hope they quickly expand their pulping operations in Wisconsin. The bottom line is that China needs lots of cardboard boxes to ship product to the World. I do get nervous that when the tide changes and they again can import raw materials (our recycled waste) and resume pulping again in China that they will abandon their US facilities. China seems far better at playing the international game than we are.

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