Dollar General creates waves as it wades deeply into Wisconsin`s small towns
At the Pembine Food Depot, a northwoods grocery store tucked alongside a crook in Highway 141 about 15 miles south of the Michigan state line, owner Tim Potterville has some good things going...

...The reason, Potterville said: About two years ago, Dollar General, the discount retailer that now has more than 15,000 stores nationwide, opened about a quarter-mile up 141.

Potterville estimates his sales have fallen 4% since Dollar General’s arrival — seemingly not much, but, according to him, enough to wipe out his profits and force him to extend his mortgage for 15 years...


Ken Notes: I live in a community where DG is the only option for food so meat, produce and other staples are a drive and more expensive. It is too bad that these stores could not work local food into their mix. Like Walmart did before and now Dollar General -- they take the most profitable segment of the market while we fail to see the value of our smaller retailers until it is too late and they are gone.

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