OPINION: Mining can bring Wisconsin`s economy, environment together

In December 2017, the state’s duly elected Legislature passed Act 134 and took a stand for responsible development across the state, and particularly northern Wisconsin. Many local governments across northern Wisconsin have similarly taken a stand, reviewing the law and seeing that they have the option to pursue hundreds of jobs with responsible partners — on their own terms in ways that protect their communities and environment.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about this bill, but most important to recognize is that it maintains stringent environmental standards that Wisconsinites hold dear...


Ken Notes: This article scares me a great deal. Mining today is done on a massive scale where large amount of earth are processed for smaller amounts of ore. The process is heavily regulated because it is very dangerous. The reclamation of these sites is at best a crap shoot. In Wisconsin there are some old mine sites that are now quarrys and lakes but the new mines use chemical extraction that leave hazardous waste on the site for generations and as I mentioned they are huge. They site the Eagle mine in the UP as a good example - Two words - Google it!!

I am strongly pro jobs and I do understand that rural Northern Wisconsin has few options, but this one is not good for our grandchildren....

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