One in four Wisconsin jobs at high risk in a new age of robotic workers and hyper-automation

When it comes to replacing humans with robots, few companies are as enthusiastic as Foxconn Technology Group. 

In its drive to manufacture iPhones, TVs and game consoles at the lowest cost, Foxconn systematically has replaced tens of thousands of inexpensive Chinese workers with even cheaper and more productive robots.  A separate subsidiary, Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., one of China`s biggest tech companies, supplies industrial robots to other businesses that want to cut labor costs.

But the topic of automation barely came up in Wisconsin after the 2017 announcement that Foxconn had agreed to build a multibillion-dollar manufacturing campus in the state. Instead, the project`s backers insisted Foxconn would create 13,000 high-paying human manufacturing jobs....


Ken Notes: This is not a Foxconn issue it is a manufacturing issue. What we need to do is create an educational system to train engineers and technicians to design and work with this new technology. We need to encourage new automated plants to come to Wisconsin. We, like Foxconn, need to identify new markets and bring them to the state. I see distribution, manufacturing, construction, renewable energy, new automotive, and much more helping to grow this State.

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