Clean Energy Groups Throw Weight Behind Wisconsin Transmission Line

On Friday, direct testimony was filed with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) in the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line case (Case # 5-CE-146).

A number of clean energy organizations (CEOs) that support the line are a party to the case and are sponsoring several witnesses, including Michael Goggin of Grid Strategies LLC and renewables developer Chad Craven of Savion LLC. The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy represents the CEOs, which include Clean Grid Alliance (CGA) and Fresh Energy.


Ken Notes: A little misleading, these groups are producing renewable power out West where it is cheap and easy to do and want to sell it in the East where it is in demand. Wisconsin just happens to be in the middle. If we build the line Wisconsin needs to be at the table advocating for our own interests. Tourism, conservancy lands, reduced use of coal, and other environmental offsets and reduced rates for Wisconsin energy customers comes immediately to mind. Also I would like to see the project use an existing corridor rather than cut a new one...

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