Foxconn Struggles to Put Wisconsin First

Since the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn announced a plan in 2017 to develop a factory hub south of Milwaukee, it’s promised to take a “Wisconsin First” approach to hiring local suppliers. While that phrase didn’t make it into the final contract, that’s how state officials and Foxconn have touted the deal, which involves about $4 billion in potential subsidies.

The effort is getting off to a slow start, according to a review by Bloomberg Businessweek of Foxconn supply chain and budget documents covering much of 2018. The internal documents, along with financial reports the manufacturer recently filed with the state agency overseeing the partnership, contain discrepancies with previous public statements by Foxconn executives. They provide a look at the early challenges Foxconn has faced in trying to deliver on its promises to the state...


Foxconn Tore Up a Small Town to Build a Big Factory—Then Retreated


Notes: Once again we need a spokesperson for the State to address these issues with the media. Foxconn, a business, has identified a problem in their original business model (specifically the profit margin and income potential from tv`s and large screen lcd devices has evaporated). Foxconn, a business, has changed direction and is seeking new products and markets to develop in Wisconsin. This is a process and will take some time. Also the products are not in place yet so the numbers are not on the table.

We need to now work with Foxconn to insure they make good on the initial investments made by the communities, build a facility IN Wisconsin that serves them well as a business, and continues their commitment to the State. Or we can play politics with the project at great cost to the citizens and State.

And one more thing, we should consider an offer to help that is in line with what we would do for any other business locating or expanding in Wisconsin...

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