Editorial: Mr. Pritzker, Ms. Lightfoot, let Bob Dunn tell you about One Central
It’s hard to find land in and near downtown Chicago that’s available for megadevelopments. The Loop’s canyons of high-rises — and bumper-to-bumper bottlenecks of resulting traffic — vividly display the existing density. Leave it to developers, however, to conjure up new spaces on which to build.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot, you’re about to enter a new zone of imagination. A proposal for a massive project is headed your way — a mixed-use neighborhood that would cost some $20 billion — triple that of the big Lincoln Yards project planned for the city’s North Side. We don’t yet know enough to vote yea or nay. But the aspirations of the developer, and his extensive track record, should earn him your time and attention. If what he calls One Central ever comes to fruition, it would be a huge investment in Chicago and Illinois. It also would enliven a big and now-moribund expanse near Chicago’s lakefront...

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Ken Notes: Bob is visionary with a capital V...

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