DATCP Secretary: Increasing Dairy Exports Is Top Priority

Gov. Tony Evers’ pick to the lead the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection said increasing dairy exports is essential to boosting milk prices for farmers.

DATCP Secretary Brad Pfaff said removing barriers to trade is one of his top priorities as agency head.

"We want to be able to sell our products internationally. We want to be able to have a level playing field to make sure that consumers, may they be in southeast Asia or may they be south of the border in Mexico, have an opportunity to enjoy Wisconsin dairy products and Wisconsin agriculture products," Pfaff said. "That is something that almost all of us can agree upon."

After four years of low milk prices, more farmers organizations have considered or called for managing the supply of milk. Wisconsin Farmers Union leaders have continued to call for supply management as a way to prevent the boom and bust cycle of milk prices. And last December, the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation voted to change their stance and consider supply management as an option for the industry.

But Pfaff said he’s more interested in pursuing new markets.


Ken Notes: If we leave CAFO`s unchecked this will not help the very farmers it is intended to help!

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