Tony Evers says Foxconn, not his administration, first sought to revisit deal with state

The Evers letter to Foxconn executive Louis Woo says Woo, at a meeting with Evers last month, indicated “Foxconn intends to suggest several changes to the existing agreement to better align the terms with the evolving project and global marketplace.”

The letter says Foxconn will submit its proposed changes to the deal in coming weeks. Evers wrote that “to my knowledge, this was the first time either Foxconn or the State of Wisconsin had mentioned amending or changing the agreement.”

Evers added GOP legislative leaders were told of Woo’s suggestion that same day...


Ken Notes: I am confused a bit -- Foxconn asks to talk, Evers informs the legislative leaders, they trash him for saying OK lets talk. Other than the 13,000 comment (a number NONE of us including Foxconn knows for sure), it seems like Governor Evers is on top of this. Are some suggesting we just live in la la land and try to hold them to an agreement that is no longer in line with there intentions are for the facility?

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