Beer saves the day!

Small communities see craft beer as a linchpin in economic development

Hillsboro, population 1,417, is located on the eastern end of Vernon County in the state’s scenic Driftless region. As with many of the state’s small towns, Hillsboro has had challenges attracting and retaining businesses, residents and tourists. Although it’s on the way to Wildcat Mountain State Park and departure points for tubing and canoeing on the Kickapoo River, it hasn’t offered many reasons for travelers to stop or stay...


Ken Notes: And it might be! We will need an organization to promote our craft beers to broader audiences, but like cheese now we could have a very nice array of product and destinations.

I have to ask does anyone else see the irony in the community breweries that were consolidated into mega brewers like Anheuser-Busch,& MillerCoors now returning and being identified as important to the local economy VS. small farms now being eaten by CAFO`s and industrial dairy.

I am a craft beer, small farm, cheese co-op kind of guy.

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