Wisconsin economic development head defends Foxconn contract
The head of Wisconsin`s economic development agency is defending the state`s contract with Foxconn Technology Group, even as Gov. Tony Evers says it`s being renegotiated.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation CEO Mark Hogan told reporters Tuesday that "we have a solid contract" with Foxconn. He also defended how informed he`s kept legislative leaders, saying he`s told them what they need to know.

Hogan declined to answer a question from Democratic state Sen. Tim Carpenter during an informational hearing about the status of the contract. In speaking with reporters afterward, Hogan also refused to get into details about possible changes saying he doesn`t talk about contract negotiations publicly.

Evers has said he doesn`t think Foxconn will employ 13,000 people as it originally said it would. Hogan says, "They continue to make that commitment."...

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Ken Notes: WOW, "he`s told them what they need to know"??? I urged caution at the onset of the Foxconn negations and I urge cautions now. I do not know the exact details of the agreements, but believe the incentives are predicated on actual jobs which is good. I also know the numbers are large, which is bad. I also know that Foxconn chose the higher ground by not hiring a few additional employees and claiming millions in credits last year.

Foxconn has clearly shifted gears and is now looking to develop new products to eventually manufacture in Wisconsin. That is a process that will take some time. I applaud their honesty in suggesting we step back and rethink this. I would not make claims about numbers because they do not know what they are building yet, nor do we, they could employee 1,000 or 100,000 and if they do not know we sure as hell do not know. We do need to protect the infrastructure investments made by the communities and offer fair incentives for growth.

I will again suggest this is a great time to create a jobs incentive package for ALL businesses in the State. A tax credit for well paying jobs with good benefits. Discourage the use of contract temps and/or underpaid workers. Allow communities to invest in projects provided they have an agreement in place to cover the outlay. Eliminate the partisan deals and "one off" negotiations that continue to get us in trouble. I promise we can create far more that 13,000 jobs for far less money by working together.

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