Renewable energy offers Wisconsin a sustainable economic development model

Not long ago, we witnessed a bizarre competition among more than 230 North American cities vying to become the home of Amazon’s second headquarters. The competing communities were generous in the extreme, dangling offers of grants, incentives and tax breaks that in one proposal — from New York City —topped $1 billion....

...Rural Wisconsin communities are discovering that there is more to renewable energy than just clean power. It is also a sustainable form of economic development that provides benefits to everyone in the communities hosting these developments. This is a real, if underappreciated, facet of Wisconsin’s renewable energy transition.


Ken Notes: Michael is correct, but it will take leadership and bipartisan support and right now that still is not on the table. Also we need policy that establishes how power companies and "the grid" play ball with new producers.

We also need to discuss land use and ag policy. I personally do not want to fold the family farms into CAFO`s and solar arrays. Wisconsin`s new motto should be balance....

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