OPINION: Make America great again by raising the minimum wage

Could you live on $7.25 an hour or $1,160 a month (pre-tax, full-time minimum-wage pay)?

Could you pay your mortgage on this? Afford a studio apartment? Utilities? Child care? Car? Gas? Food? Medical bills? Of course not. Millions in America, however, have no choice but to try (and fail), given our ultra-low minimum wage.

Yet some still have reservations about raising it, asking, "But aren’t ‘low-skill’ workers like burger-flippers and dishwashers supposed to make less as an incentive to acquire skills?”


Ken Notes: The minimum wage is not the issue, raising it will just make hamburgers more expensive. What we need is more jobs paying a living wage and a clear path for everyone to get there. I vote for apprenticeship, school to work programs, less tax benefits for those not paying a living wage and offering benefits, less hand outs and far more hand ups. If we do raise the minimum wage place an age limit on it so kids do not drop out of school or forego college. 30,000K would look pretty cool to our youth...

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